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A Propos De Nous

Kentpar Automotive was founded in 1971 and currently produces crank pulleys in its 24,000 square meter high-tech production facility. The company holds national and international quality certificates, including ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, and IATF 16949, and is Turkey's largest and most advanced facility in its field. Kentpar is a leading company in engineering, product design, and development. Its experienced and talented staff, quality laboratory equipped with technological machinery, equipment, and testing devices, and its own R&D center make it a pioneer in the field. Kentpar creates added value for our country by exporting 95% of its production to many countries worldwide, especially in Europe. The company adopts the policy of providing value to people by offering social and fringe benefits. The company employs more than 400 people and has a higher rate of female employment than the average in Turkey.

The company is a dependable and accomplished partner for OEM parts, offering rapid design through reverse engineering methods, high-quality production of crank pulleys and circulation pulleys, fast service, on-time delivery, approved quality, and competitive pricing. Additionally, it aims to become a significant solution center for manufacturers in the Automotive Main Industry in the medium and long term by designing new products in line with existing technologies.

KENTPAR is dedicated to producing high-quality and dependable products while prioritizing customer demands and expectations. We strive to continuously enhance our quality management system and aim to become a leading organization in our sector by increasing our market share and competitiveness.


1971- Establishment

2002- First Torsional Damper Production

2005- ISO/ TS 9001 Certification Performed

2006- Changed the legal status as Kentpar Otomotiv Makine Sanayi Ticaret Co.,Ltd.

2007- First export to European Union

2010- Special Spinning and Robotic CNC Machining started

2012- First Quality Lab with Modern Technology Activated

2014- Outsourced R&D Center Activated in Innopark of Konya City

2015- Moved to New Integrated Factory 25.000sqm in Organized Industrial Area of Konya City

2016- Modern Phosphate Coating and Treatment Facility Activated

2016- Export Rank Reached to 95% in Production

2017- Became and Official R&D Center under Law Nr.5746 by Industry and Technology Ministry

2017- New ERP system IFS in progress

2018- Total of range became 165 and start to export more than 50% of export to most respectable Premium Brands, OES and Tier1 companies

2018- Total Export Countries in direct reached more than 30 Countries

2018- Started to work with OEM

2018- Made a big step on the way of Industry 4.0 by New Digital Efficiency and Automation System

2019- TS / ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System was registered

2019- TS / EN / ISO 14001 Environmental Management System was registered

2019- IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Management System was registered

2022- Changed the legal title as Kentpar Otomotiv Yedek Parca A.S.

To be continued..