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Kentpar Academy

The Key to Our Success: Our Human Resources!

At Kentpar Academy, our training programmes are designed to align with our growth vision. We transform our colleagues, who may have no prior professional experience, into skilled operators who can effectively operate, program and maintain their own machines.

Thanks to Kentpar Academy, we aim to contribute to the development of our colleagues by providing lifelong learning opportunities and creating an organizational culture that learns and shares.

The Kentpar Academy Basic Program

Orientation Program offers training for all new colleagues in our company. The employee is provided with information regarding Human Resources, Administrative Affairs, Occupational Safety and Environment, and Quality Management System processes. This includes general application details that every colleague should be aware of.

Basic Orientation Training spans the first three working days of employment. Trainings are typically conducted in a classroom environment with a practical and face-to-face training system, except for the field promotional tour organized for our colleagues.

The Kentpar Academy Vocational Program

Orientation Program provides our colleagues with the opportunity to learn their job through hands-on experience. The program aims to accelerate the job adaptation process. This is an orientation program for our colleagues in classroom and workshop environments. The program covers all the details of the profession related to Production Lines, including the use of professional measurement and measuring instruments, technical introduction of products, our production principles, introduction of looms and loom equipment, and more.

Vocational orientation training begins three days after the employee's basic orientation training ends. It typically takes around three weeks and includes classroom and workshop training, as well as field and shift work experience. Once the orientation process is complete, the social integration process begins.