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  • Kentpar products are under warrant for 2 years / 60000 km.
  • Recommended storage shelf life is 2 years ( This can be longer if storage conditions is good )
  • The products have rubber components so they must keep under below conditions;
  • The parts should be kept away from direct sunshine and direct light sources,
  • The storage humidity is % 35 ± 10
  • The storage temperature is 25°C ± 5
  • The parts should be kept away from hazardous chemicals like solvents, oils etc.
  • The parts should be kept away from excessive loads
  • The parts should be kept away from high voltage electrical devices


  • İn the event that the car is damaged due to the pulley belonging to Kentpar, it must be received help from the nearist city and service.
  • İn the case of tow truck requirements, the avarage price of that area should be taken into account.
  • If Kentpar request, Products and all components will be sent to Kentpar. Until the response from Kentpar, the products and related documents must be kept.
  • We, Kentpar accept the costs without tax.
  • We, Kentpar accept only the cost of Kentpar brand pulleys. The cost of other brands or original pulleys will not be accepted.
  • Without any document we, Kentpar evaluate the claims according to our records.
  • We, Kentpar accept only labor costs according to related country average ( For Europe max 55 Euro )




  • Damaged part and components photos (front,back,sides, damaged parts)
  • Tracking number on part
  • Date and mileage information of assembly on vehicle
  • Date and mileage information of disassembly from vehicle.
  • Vehicle information ( Brand , model year, engine etc )
  • If there is any extra cost, invoice which shows the extra costs detailed.
  • If there is any labor cost, invoice which shows the labor hours and total cost.




  • If the new and correct bolts and washers are not used
  • If the V-Belts are not changed with new one
  • If the other components leads to broken of Kentpar product.
  • If V-Belts are not correct ( longer or shorter V-Belt usage or normal V-Belt usage instead of Elastic V-Belt for some products )
  • If there is any wrong installation
  • If the part has any damage due to fall, impact etc.
  • If the product does not belong to Kentpar
  • If the any component of pulley is changed or removed out of Kentpar.




  • 1. Please read carefully our Warranty Procedure form attachment. Includes general rules and some warning about attention marks.
  • 2. Once you receive an issue complete the Claim Form attached first. Ask your customer to photos of damage, damaged parts, pulley after fix out shown our tracking number clearly.
  • 3. Prepare possible questioner documents which proof of your sales like invoice and your customer/s deal invoices with damaged vehicle’s registration info. Kentpar preserve rights of do not apply warranty conditions if customer/s refrains from giving correct information and/or documents. Changed, altered, deleted or discrepancy invoice and reports are not acceptable. Kentpar has rights to do not accept payment claim notes without proof.
  • 4. Only claim about pulleys, ask your customer return to pulley after our decision. Before Kentpar decision customer have rights to send items back for inspection on its own account.
  • 5. Warranty needs to original humidity plastic bag assurance. Please ask your customers to keep plastic bags with item once first implement. Otherwise Kentpar preserve the rights to do not guarantee.
  • 6. Kentpar has rights to ask proof of storage conditions if any.
  • 7. In claims of many damaged parts replace and repair Kentpar can ask you to your customer return to pulley and demanded equipment of power train together.
  • 8. In claims of engine changes please ask your customer to await of Kentpar approval or decision about to direct an expert. Expert must be a third party to final decision within laws of claim issued country or EU regulations. Please be informed that same or equal engines price refunds by Kentpar in case of approval or expert decisions about total engine replacement. Necessary RFQ also depends the expert researches report.
  • 9. Kentpar preserve rights of do not apply warranty conditions if any engine operated or changed the specs and/or tampered Pulleys.
  • 10. Warranty dates are starting with sales of invoice Kentpar until the storage time limit for first period 2 years. At the end of 2 years storage limit item becomes out of warranty if still in customer/s stocks.
  • 11. Second time period 2 years or mileage starts with customers assembling invoice. No return can be accept even serial defections after time limits exact. Kentpar tracking records and invoices are essentials.
  • 12. More than price limit of Europe zone acceptable (which is written on Warranty Procedures) labour costs will be paid in acceptable limits.
  • 13. More than time limits of repair more longer than expectations of Expert will be reduced as advisory.
  • 14. In case of negative results and negative expertise practises, test and labour costs will be charged on customer’s account.
  • 15. In any issue serial, customer can ask from Kentpar the corrective actions list and/or 8D reports for assurance. Besides Kentpar shares the test results of rejected claims if inspected no doubt.